Consultancy &
sales agency
Based in

FEELS would like to
give back to the community.
Educate and share knowledge,
There for we are collaborating
with S2C (School 2 Community).
located at the Bindelmeer
College based in the
Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam.

S2C and FAES (For An Equal Society) are the link for
this collaboration between the Bindelmeer College
and Feels. The goal is educating, sharing knowledge and
give the new generation of talents that are coming
a look into wholesale / retail in "the '20s".
FAES and S2C are not only active in primary
and secundary schools. But also active
in guiding companies, institutions and
privates in all grades to discover and develop
diversity and inclusivity from within the core
to create a reflection of the society we live in.
The Bindelmeer College, BMC
Is a school for students with a VMBO advice: Basic
vocational, Framework vocational or Theoretical
learning path. Many practical lessons and activities are
offered in all grades to discover and develop their talents.
Talent development is central to Bindelmeer College.
As a result, the students are better prepared
to choose a further education at the
end of the fourth grade.