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sales agency
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Feels represents
a carefully curated
brand portfolio.
Together we will make
sure that a long term and sustainable partnership
will be realized with
our (retail) partners

Cold wash
An ongoing project by Matty Hofstede,
currently focussed on celebrating the uncelebrated.
Born from nescience and curiosity,
COLD WASH is to spread theoretical/practical
information and knowledge about
the fashion industry through a
materialised design medium.

The New Originals
The New Originals makes performance clothing for creatives.
Striving for enduring and vigor clothing, that contributes
to an individual. We believe that everyone can maximise
their creativity regardless of their background,
by thinking out of the box.

Secluded re-invents the meaning of
itself, by creating workwear for
explorers in the broadest sense.

BLS HAFNIA is a Copenhagen-based
clothing brand, established in 2011 by
Besnik Miftari.
The idealistic mind-set has always
been to supply people with products
that have the perfect fit and are
comfortable enough to wear every day.

New Amsterdam
Surf Association
A rebellious counter movement challenging the
established surf culture lies at the very core of
Europe’s New Amsterdam Surf Association.
Paul Zeper: “New Amsterdam Surf
Association represents a certain vibe,
it’s for those who don’t require the
perfect wave or ideal conditions.
It’s for those who like to be challenged.”

Parel Studios
Creates apparel that elevates your everyday
experiences. Aesthetically and functionally
designed to meet the demands of the whole
range of human day-to-day experiences.

Flatlist Eyewear
For day and nights.
For back seats and front rows.
Founded in Copenhagen in 2018,
FLATLIST® was born from the idea
of making technically advanced, yet
effortless quality eyewear to be worn
- also when the sun doesn’t shine.