Based in
Feels represents
a carefully curated
brand portfolio.
Together we will make
sure that a long term and
sustainable partnership
will be realized with
our (retail) partners

The New Originals
The New Originals makes performance clothing
for creatives. Striving for enduring and vigor
clothing, that contributes to an individual.
We believe that everyone can maximise
their creativity regardless of their background,
by thinking out of the box.

Hue, an ongoing contemporary conversation highlighting modern
unisex designs through ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.
Our expression drawn from color, photography, culture
and aesthetic all merged together
at the base of our products.

Parel Studios
Creates apparel that elevates your everyday
experiences. Aesthetically and functionally
designed to meet the demands of the whole
range of human day-to-day experiences.

Kemkes is a sustainable luxury streetwear brand that combines
the love for ornamental and manipulated fabrics with modern-day sportswear
and streetwear silhouettes by creating unique menswear
from secondhand home textiles like quilted blankets,
jacquard curtains or knitted sofa covers.