Based in
Feels represents
a carefully curated
brand portfolio.
Together we will make
sure that a long term and
sustainable partnership
will be realized with
our (retail) partners

Creates apparel that elevates your everyday
experiences. Aesthetically and functionally
designed to meet the demands of the whole
range of human day-to-day experiences.

Poliquant, an edgy brand hailing from Tokyo, Japan,
draws its inspiration from militaristic elements.
Embodying a sense of rebellion deeply rooted in
Japanese culture throughout history,
Poliquant captures the spirit of defiance in its designs.
Designer Jun Sugita, who honed his skills
in renowned fashion houses in Italy, infuses a unique blend of streetwear,
fashion, and functionality into the brand, showcasing his diverse influences.

100% locally manufactured hybrid-use weatherproof bags, backpacks,
wallets, and accessories. Made for the city dweller with an outdoor spirit.
Engineered for the urban and beyond. SEALSON utilizes cutting-edge
manufacturingtechnology to maximize convenience & performance for the
hybrid mindset under a minimalist aesthetic, all while
maintaining an eco-friendly presence.

Freeter studio is reflecting on 9 to 5 jobs
and exhausting repetitive lifestyles;
the endless loop we can get trapped in.
We make office supplies for Freeters,
trying to do things differently. We relax
and watch the world go by, flocking
together against the rat race
of the work environment.

Kemkes is a sustainable luxury streetwear brand that combines
the love for ornamental and manipulated fabrics with modern-day
sportswear and streetwear silhouettes by creating unique
menswear from secondhand home textiles
like quilted blankets, jacquard curtains or knitted sofa covers.
The whole process, from beginning to end, takes place in Amsterdam.
The materials are locally sourced and selected and after being
carefully restored they are being made into garments
at an atelier in Amsterdam by permit holders.
All garments are tailor-made and one of a kind.

HUE, an Amsterdam-based brand,
seamlessly blending the realms of fashion and sound concepts.
With a keen eye for innovation, we draw inspiration
from auditory elements, infusing them into ready to wear
designs. The brands commitment to pushing boundaries
reflects in their unique approach to menswear,
where each piece is not just an article. Our goal
is to cultivate an immersive sensory experience
redefined through our concepts.

“purposeful garments accompanying you from the peaks to the pub”
Born in Manchester, gander is a product of its environment,
uniting nature and the city in a way devoid of conflict.
Not simply inspired by workwear or outdoor clothing,
for example, gander follows a relatively simple philosophy:
to create durable and long-lasting garments that are
constructed properly in trusted factories, using materials
that you can rely on - no matter where you find yourself.